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Muhammad Kabanda was born with only one Kidney- Police Speaks Out

Uganda Police has finally spoken out on a man identified as Muhammad Kabanda who accused doctors at Old Kampala hospital for harvesting his Kidney.

While addressing the press over yesterday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that that scan report indicates that Muhammed Kabanda who claims that his left kidney was illegally removed, was born with only one kidney.

“Some of the colleagues from the media were quoting our director for police health services AIGP Dr.Moses Byaruhanga for having come out to inform Muhammad Kabanda and relatives that the CT scan report was indicating that he was born with one kidney. The CT scan report was not of the police,” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said.

He further said that the CT scan was performed at Private facility and the police Director of police Health Services, Dr .Moses Byaruhanga only helped to interpret the scan results at Kabanda and his family members

“These are people who went to Kampala Imaging Centre and that’s where the CT scan was done, they were done with the report that they came with director health services and helped them interpreted it. He explained to them the findings of the CT scan report which were clearly indicating that Kabanda was born with one kidney. It was an observation from specialists of Kampala Imaging Centre.”


The police spokesperson however revealed that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has interested itself in the matter to find out if there was any foul play as alleged by Kabanda that his left kidney was removed during one of the operations in one of the hospitals.

Enanga however noted that police will also wait to hear from another investigation by a team of experts from the medical council .

“They will come up with their findings at an opportune time and we ask the media to try as much as possible to come up with factual findings. Let us not appear to be biased.”


Last week, Muhammad Kabanda, 25 a trader in St.Balikuddembe Market and a resident of Gangu village in Wakiso district was paraded by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and he said he was astonished to find out that his left kidney was missing after being admitted to Old Kampala Hospital after sustaining a boda boda accident.

To this, he showed a cut on the left side of the ribs where the left kidney is found.

“When the operation was done I was shocked to discover that I had a fresh cut on the left hand side of my abdomen which could not be explained by the doctors,”Kabanda said last week.

“I asked the doctor why I had incisions and bandages wrapped around my lower left abdomen area and he told me they had plucked some part off the area to use it on the injured part of the head. This left me confused.”

He added that three scans at three different health facilities indicated his left kidney was nowhere to be seen in his body.

Last week, the management of Old Kampala Hospital dismissed the allegations as untrue.

“We deny the allegations for now because the case is under investigation and we are being cooperative with the Police and Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council. The final scans and results will be taken from Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Association Council because they are the ones who do a neutral investigation. So, until then, we are still waiting for them to be called in and then police will handle the case from there. For now, we can’t comment any more information,” Ann Katulege, the Old Kampala Hospital spokesperson said last week.

He further said sthat the CT Scan was performed at a private facility and the Police Director of Police Health Services, Dr. Moses Byaruhanga only helped to interpret the scan results to Kabanda and his family members.

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KY Jamal
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