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Mr Henrie Silently Replaces Prima Kardashi With Young and Stunning Girl


Reports coming in indicating that Galaxy FM presenter Henry Arinitwe popularly known as Mr. Henrie has already replaced his Former Prima Kardashi with another young ,educated and Stunning girl.

Close moles to Mr.Henrie revealed that he has already moved on contrary to claims that he is licking wounds after being dumped .

Further said that he is now dating a younger and more educated lady.

“Mr .Henrie is dating someone new.His Friends are happy for him because the lady is educated and in the same age bracket”,Mole revealed .

Mr.Henrie hooked up with Prima after her break up with Singer Geosteady in 2020.

Prima & Mr .Henrie

Celeb Patrol drones recently broke the news that Prima and Mr.Henrie had hit rock and the couple was last seen together at Prima’s Lusaniya festival early this year.

The couple used to refute the rumor until of recent when lover birds decided to unfollow and delete photos of them together on IG .

Reports indicate that of recent Mr.Henrie has been spending most of his time with friends while Prima is back to living a rollercoaster life .

She was recently seen in Dubai chilling with Ugandan – South Africa based Socialite Meddie Moore who is well known for sleeping with number of ladies .

It is claimed that Prima’s Dubai act worsened everything and Henrie lost hopes of mending their relationship ended there and decided to totally delete prima out of his life .

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