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MP Elect Kawempe North Ssegirinya’s Academic Documents Alleged to be Fake

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has questioned the credibility of the academic documents newly elected MP Kawempe North Muhammad Ssegirinya he submitted in for nomination.

This followed a request for verification of the said documents by former indpendent Kawempe North MP contestant Sulaiman Kidandala who lost to NUP’s Segirinya in the recently concluded general elections.

Kidandala is challenging Segirinya’s victory on grounds that he was not qualified enough to run for the position which he won by landslide.

In a letter dated March 17, 2021, Peter Anywar, writing on behalf of the executive secretary UNEB Dan Odongo, noted: “We have checked in our records and our findings are as follows; Candidate U005/054(2017) is Nampiima Sarah who sat at Mengo secondary school, not Ssegirinya Richard sitting at Pimbas secondary school,” he noted.”

The letter added: “The candidate U005/754 is Nabadda Maureen who sat at Mengo Secondary school not Ssegirinya Richard at Pimbas secondary school for A-level.”

The development hands Ssegirinya’s election in balance and if challenged in court, he could be thrown out.

According to the Ugandan Constitution, for one to be allowed to contest for MP, they must possess a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education – UACE certificate or its equivalent.

This, if it holds in court would directly annul Segirinya’s election as MP.

Previously, Hon. Kato Lubwama, the outgoing Rubaga South MP has been repeatedly exchanging bitterly with Hon. Ssegirinya, over their differing political affiliations.

Continuously referring to the pint sized elected MP as an undeserving low life peasant who is ill mannered, Lubwama claimed in a recent interview that Ssegirinya Muhammad is actually called Richard Ssegirinya, stressing that he’s not even a Muslim like he claims.

He claimed that Ssegirinya came from Kaddugala, a village deep down in Masala and established himself in Wandegeya as a “pig slaughterer” (butcher), something unacceptable in the Muslim beliefs.

“That low-life miserable little man Ssegirinya is not a Muslim. I know so much about him, his name is Richard, he came from the village to slaughter pigs in Wandegeya before he joined politics, he is not even circumcised, I bet 5M if he comes out and proves me wrong,” the bitter Kato Lubwama added.

According to Ssegirinya however, he has insisted that such allegations are from bad wishers who are unhappy with his quick-rising popularity in Uganda’s politics and branded claims as propaganda

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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