MP Betty  Nambooze Fearful for Own Life After almost Being Killed by ‘Kijambiya’ man




Mukono North Municipality representative jn Parliament, Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has revealed she can no longer sleep following repeated attempts on her life.

Earlier this morning, the legislator broke down in tears after she was almost killed last night by a panga wielding assassin.

In a social media post, Bakireke revealed that the said assassin found her chilling in her bedroom but by God’s grace and power, she escaped without being harmed.

In a separate development, Nambooze told everyone who cared to listen how her life is definitely in danger and how the country is no longer safe.

This was after she landed on hidden pangas wrapped in a polythene bag at her home compound. This, she believes is a message that her days are numbered.

“After surviving assassination, I move around my compound and I land on new pangas hidden in a corner in a kaveera clearly indicating that these people want my life. We are not safe Uganda.” an anxious Betty posted.

These developments come only weeks since Betty Nambooze survived assassination while traveling from Mukono to Seeta. She was attacked by men moving on a boda boda but she managed to cheat death.

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Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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