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Mowezy Radio’s Death Sent Weasel into Depression ” – Catherine Kusasira

Singer cum Politician Catherine Kusasira has revealed that death of Mowezy Radio was a huge blow to his singing partner Weasel Manizo and it affected him immensely.

Ever since Mowzey Radio passed on in early 2018 singer Weasel has struggled to keep up with the standards the duo had set.

Weasel has been involved in a number of feuds and fights hardly 3 years after Radio passed on.

While appearing on Spark TV for an exclusive interview ,Catherine Kusasira disclosed that all the weird stuff we see weasel is doing , is  because of the depression he is going through but he is good person.

That we should not blame him ,we should just show  love and support him, he is not bad person as many brands him  but he is apparently going through alot ever since Radio passed on.

She further revealed that one day weasel told him that he regrets to why he is still living because he is not himself

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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