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Motor vehicle Owners to Start Paying Annual Fees According to the New Amended Traffic and Safety Act

The government has put forward an amendment to the Traffic and Road Safety ACT, with addition section that makes it a crime amount to imprisonment not exceeding one year for any Ugandan to own a motor vehicle and fails to pay annual license fees for that vehicle.

The amendment presented by Minister of Finance Matia Kasaijja intends to change section 14 of the ACT to make it criminal for anyone to own a motor vehicle that is not licensed.

“A person shall not own or possess a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant or use it on the road unless the motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant is licensed under this Act,” the amendment suggests.

According to the Act, the licences will be obtained by application to the Chief Licencing Officer of government and such licence shall be valid until revoked.

Should one fail to abide by the rules, they are liable to a fine of one hundred currency points or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.

The amendments also suggest an introduction of annual licence fees per vehicle to be borne by the car owners.

“A person who possesses a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant or uses it on the road, shall pay an annual fee on or before the 31st day of January of every year as may be prescribed by the minister of regulations,” the amendment suggests.

“Where a person fails to pay a prescribed annual fee before or on the date specified in subsection (1) shall pay a penalty of ten currency points for each day on which the contravention continues and the unpaid fee shall be a debt to the government by the defaulter,” it continues.

Ugandans already pay an annual third-party insurance fee on each motor vehicle owned


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