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Momo 19 Hooks up with Rich Dude Weeks After Dumping Singer Daxx Kartel

Momo - Moore

For some time now, rumors have been making rounds on social media corridors stating that Momo and Daxx Kartel parted ways moments after legalizing their booking sessions.

Momo deleting the couple’s photos off her social media handles, intensified suspicion among their fans that the two might have called it quits.

According to sources, Momo 19 dumped Daxx after she learnt that he bhad an affair with her best friend only identified as Ashira who allegedly got pregnant and is going to have the singer’s child.

Other sources however claim that it was Momo who cheated on Daxx with rich men abroad which caused their breakup.

Well, fresh news we have landed on indicates thay Momo 19 has moved on from her past relationship just weeks after splitting with Daxx Kartel, a man with whom she has spent five solid years.

According to reliable sources, Momo is now toying with South African based Nkuba Kyeeyo Medi Moore.

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Medi Moore
Medi Moore

News reports indicate that Momo and Medi Moore are deeply in love with each other like newly weds. It has been said that Moore seduced Momo with his charming and hunky looks, not forgetting the money.

Sources further revealed that Moore was always attracted to Momo even at the time when she was madly in love with Omuryeruba, when the two separated, he could not let this opportunity go.

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