Ministry of Health Threatens to Ban ‘Tumbiiza Sound’ Song




Gulu born singer Eezzy, real names Eric Opoka has spoken out about rumors of Ministry of Health (MOH) threatening to ban his hit song ‘Tumbiiza Sound’ over inciting of defiance over Covid-19 guidelines.

According to reports Celeb Patrol UG received, Eezzy is so unbothered and he is ready to drop better tracks because be believes in his capability.

Appearing on an interview on TV, the Northern Uganda-based singer said that the authorities got it wrong if the reports are indeed true.

“The song has no bad mind. I did the song because of the situation we are in right now and I was simply raising my voice for the people. If you listen clearly, I was just asking for the MoH to ease the lockdown. It has a message to send to the concerned people but I also sang it for the fan bit of it,” noted Eezzy.

Watch Tumbiiza Sound song below:

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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