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Ministry of Education Changes School Curriculum, Teachers Left In Confusion


Teachers in various schools across the country have expressed mixed reactions over the abridged curriculum which the ministry of education rolled out last month following school reopening.

Mr Issa Matovu, an education expert, advises teachers to embrace the new curriculum as it addresses time lags created by the closure of schools due to Covid-19.

In the revised curriculum from the ministry of education, material of two years was condensed into one year, covering what learners missed when schools were closed as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

For instance, a pupil who was in Primary Two before the two-year lockdown is currently being taught material for both classes. This is intended to enable learners “make up” for the time lost after the closure of schools.

This has forced Teachers in various schools across the country to express mixed reactions some saying they still teach learners using the old learning package.

On Monday, the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) indicated that it will set this year’s national examinations based on the new curriculum.

Although some teachers support the learning package, others say it is logistically untenable.

In the Kampala Metropolitan Area, at Simeka Junior School in Namirembe, Mr Timothy Mwesigwa, an administrator and teacher, says they started from where they stopped.

“Many of the pupils did not receive home study materials from the government and we found it important to take them through all what they missed,” he says.

Mr Lawrence Muyanga, a teacher at Luzira Hill School, says they resolved to teach two syllabi, but putting more emphasis on science subjects.

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At Nambi Vocational School, they are still challenged on how to integrate content from the previous class, and the school has not yet started teaching using the new curriculum.

Management at both Nakesero Secondary School and City High School say they are planning to hire education consultants to train teachers on the new curriculum.

The head teacher of Njeru Primary School in Buikwe District, Mr Farouk Musuuba, says teachers are still being trained on how to use the new curriculum.

 “The advantage with this abridged curriculum is that it combines the topics that have not been taught to the pupils for the two years with the new ones, that is going to help the teachers cover the lost time during the lockdown,” he says.

The Ministry of Education released the 2022 academic calendar for primary, secondary, technical/farm schools and community polytechnics where term 1 for primary and secondary schools begun on Monday 10th January, 2022 and it will end on Friday 15th April, 2022.

Entertainment, bars, discos, cinemas and other sectors that have not been operating due to COVID19 pandemic were also reopened on 24th Jan 2022 following president Museveni announced full reopen of the V sector were closed in March 2020 after nearly two years of pandemic-related lockdown.

Uganda had reported 160,352 cases and 3,474 deaths in the period of almost two years when the economy was under the corona virus pandemic lockdown.

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