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Mesach Semakula Quits Golden Band, gives his reasons

After over a decade of serving as a leader at Golden Band, singer  Mesach Semakula has today officially quit from Golden  Band because of  his health complications.

Mesach Semakula has done great role in grooming young Talent in Uganda and he has been a key figure in Golden Band.

Through his lawyers ,Golden papa revealed that he won’t be able to fulfill his obligations at band as a shareholder and director due to his health problems.

He also called the continuing directors and shareholders of the band to pick their musical instruments at his place any day.

Golden Band was formed after the split of the original Eagles Production in 2014.

Mesach Semakula, Ronald Mayinja, Maureen Nantume, Stecia Mayanja, Grace Sekamatte, Catherine Kusasira, Fred Seruga and others decided to form Golden Band while Geoffrey Lutaaya and his wife Irene Namatovu formed Da New Eagles.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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