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Mental Health and Racial Justice Advocate Nathan Ssewali Launches his first Mental Health Children’s book.

Ugandan North American author and mental health professional, Nathan Ssewaali, announces the release of his new book titled “Lola And The Emotions Carousel,” teaching readers how to deal with their emotions from the eyes of a young girl.

Nathan Ssewaali is a Ugandan Author, Photographer, Cinematography, Public Relations Officer, Creative Designer, Entrepreneur infant and a Racial Justice and mental health advocate Professional working with different Non-governmental organizations and Government children’s agencies across the world.

Nathan Ssewaali has taken his infant and child mental health advocacy a notch higher with the release of “Lola And The Emotions Carousel.” The author tries to teach readers, especially young boys and girls, ways of managing their emotions, using a lady and her experiences in life as case study.

The author got interested in learning more about parent and child development after having a baby boy with his wife, having been a young immigrant father in North America “I wanted to be the best dad for my kids. I also wanted to learn more about kids mental health and also to be able to raise my boy in the most appropriate way or manner.” – Nathan Ssewaali.

Emotional intelligence remains one of the most important skills for every individual. Over the years, several resources have been developed by a plethora of experts to teach the art to as many people as possible. However, very little has been achieved in this aspect, especially as many of such resources are seemingly abstract, making it difficult for the audience to relate with and put into practice. Consequently, Nathan aims to change this narrative by creating a relatable story and teaching people how to manage their emotions, irrespective of happenings around them, with the release of “Lola And The Emotions Carousel.”

The book is already available and can be purchased online on Amazon at less than $14 (UGx 50,800).

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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