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MC Mariachi Should Learn English to hint International Market – Comedian Eric Omondi

Kenyan comedian and media personality Eric Omondi has advised Ugandan comedian MC Mariachi to learn English inorder for him to hint International Market .

Omondi who was recently in Uganda for comedian Patrick Salvado’s Africa Laughs show, was tasked to comment on Uganda comedy industry and his best Ugandan comedians after his massive performance .

While responding he hailed comedians like Napoleon Mc Mariachi , as one of the best comedians in the country .

However, he said that Mariachi as one problem preventing him from breaking out of Uganda and this is none other than English.

That if only Mariachi could do a few of his jokes in English he will then hint International Market .

“Mariachi is huge talented .His only problem however is that he doesn’t do jokes in English .I could have taken him to Kenya but English hakuna.He is like these Tanzanian comedians who enjoy doing comedy in Kiswahili and are comfortable there “, he said.

Eric further asked East African governments to support the entertainment industry because it the only way to improve the wellbeing of young people as the industry almost employs millions of young generation.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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