MC Kats Threatens to Sue Spark TV’s Presenter Flavia Mawagi over Disrespecting and Stigmatizing Him




During weekend Spark TV recap,new host Flavia Mawagi questioned fellow presenter Caroline Marcah’s choice in men basing on the fact that MC Kats is well for being HIV positive.

Section of viewers were annoyed and demanded an apology from the presenter to MC Kats while others were requesting for her resignation.

Now the celebrated media personality and events host MC Kats has come out threatening to sue Spark Tv presenter and whoever is concerned claiming that he deserves respect because he still have life and kids.

He wrote on his twitter;

I still have a life and kids. I for once what the law to work. So am suing whoever is concerned. Over the past three months ,rumor has been on streets that MC Kats and Spark TV’s Caroline Marcah are b0nking.

Caroline Marcah - MC Kats
Caroline Marcah – MC Kats

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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