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MC Casmir Appreciates Police For Making Adultery Legal in Uganda

TV presenter Mc Casmir has come out and appreciates Uganda Police for legalising adultery in Uganda.

This comes after police recognised his incident where he was caught in bed with married woman as he was arrested and interrogated on camera which he termed as humiliation .

Now casmir who filled case against the personnels who humiliated that it is high for them to pay him.

“Thank You Uganda Police Force for recorgnising this Case . Now it’s time for them To pay”, Casmir posted.

Uganda Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga over yesterday came out and cleared air that chewing a married person or even cheating on your partner is nolonger a crime in Uganda.

He ensured that if you’re exposed for cheating you can even sue that person.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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