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Maurice Kirya  Remembers Late Mother in Heart Warming Tribute


Death leaves a gap no one can fill and anyone who has lost a loved one knows how it feels,Singer  Maurice Kirya is still grieving after losing his mother, Sophie Baguma Adyeeri.

Today marks 7  years  since the mother of 3 succumbed to cancer at the cancer institute in mulago ,Kampala ,Uganda. and maurice have always paid glowing tribute to him..He miss her dearly .

Maurice through his socials has penned a heartwarming tribute to his late which reads;

Today is a special day, The day that our dear mother ascended to the heavens.

I’m so glad that mom got to hear the songs I wrote for her, here is a little story about those songs.

Worth The Wait: 

I wrote this song on a flight to a concert in St Luis, Senegal. It was the day mom had to go into surgery, and i felt all kind of ways as you can imagine, and I happened to be on a worldwide tour, this was tough, I had to entertain and move audiences, and make make people happy even though i wasn’t happy, the stage was my therapy and their positive energy was some sort of comfort.

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I was struggling on how to write the bridge of the song, that night after the show, I went and sat down by the beach, by myself, (This is exactly how people get themselves eaten by creatures in the movies) …the words and melody came to me, I could hear it in my head but i needed the chords to construct it right, so i run through the thick sand, i banged on Nick Myers door, Nicki played keys and sung Background vocals in my band, he was also the producer for the Misubbaawa album, I woke him up as usual, and begged for his musical help, he was the first one to hear the song. and the song was ready to be recorded.

Mama We made It:
We came from a really tough background, a story for another time, but back then I always told my mother that one day we will be better, we will have the life she wished for, my mother did everything in her power to raise us well, taught us values, compassion, flexibility,kindness, cooking, singing, and more, she was the epitome of what a simply loving person is. 
In that song I wanted to show her my appreciation, I sat her in my car and played the song, she listened, she was holding back emotions, then she said, “play it again” we played it a couple of times, it wasn’t just a song, it was a testimony, we appreciatedwhere we were, six months later on this day, 2015, she passed on.
She fought a good fight, did everything for her family, their families and their friends, and strangers. 
She gave everything she possibly could.
She will be forever missed.
RIP Sophie Baguma Adyeeri


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