Masaka City Socialite Prossy Nakayiza Apologizes to Rev.Fr Thomas Bankulumpagi to Avoid Jail





Masaka City Socialite Prossy Nakayiza has succumbed to pressure and apologized to Rev .Fr Thomas Bankulumpagi to avoid spending cold nights in the university of understanding.

Rev.Fr Thomas had filled case against prossy in the high court of Uganda at Masaka after making false accusations on him.

A month prossy came out and publicly accused Rev.Fr Thomas for abandoning her after siring children with her.

She added that the priest had to lure her away from her wedded husband,promising to marry her.

Prossy even threatened to reveal bedroom secrets about their relationship if priest doesn’t pull out their case out of court.

Prossy Nakayiza.

However,today prossy has made written apology to father Thomas for all hurting statements she made on him and his family.

Today,all has been resolved and both parties agrees to settle matters out of the media.

Below are the copies of apology :

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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