Mary Bata Gets Saved , Gives Life To Jesus Christ




Female Singer,Mary Bata  gave her life to Jesus Christ .As it is said when the going gets tough ,the tough must get going ,the saying goes and the tough usually find their their solace in God.

After battling with relationship roblems,demons and career struggles ,Mary Bata yesterday decided to give life to Jesus Christ for Salvation at Latter Glory Church Namasuba.

Mary Bata shared video on his socials after give life to christ saying how she does her  things  and succeed that God is the only answer.

She joins list of artists who decided to convert to Christianity likes of Micheal Ross,Nina Roz,Maureen Namuntme among other.

She has been releasing secular songs but after yesterday ,we hope to see her releasing more gospel songs.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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