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Lynda Ddane Throws in Towel, Quits From Radiocity set to Join KFM Radio

Gorgeous presenter Lynda Ddane has quit from the spring road radio station and it is reportedly set to national media group radio station KFM soon.

The former Uganda broadcasting television presenter currently presenting “NTV THE BEAT” on serena based television NTV Uganda has taken it to her social media and shared her last message why she has to quit from Radio city.

Lynda Ddane has been working Radiocity as she replaced Radiocity long serving presenter Judithiana Namazzi and her stylish and down to earth sense of humor has been one of her biggest drives at sation ,giving it life and of course her sweet sound voice.

“Goodbye to the best colleagues I ever had! What an amazing bonding we shared. You made me look forward to coming into the office every morning.”-Lynda Ddane tweeted.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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