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Lydia Jazmine Runs Back to Bushingtone to Revive Her Music Career

After struggling by herself ever since she left Bushingtone , Singer Lydia Nabawanuka alias Lydia Jazmine has failed and ran back to him to help her to revive her music career and uplift her to places again .

Bushingtone and Lydia Jazmine split in 2018 after years of working together but up to now their reasons for Splitting are still unknown.

But according to latest reports we received ,the two have buried their hatchet ,and they are planning to restart their working relationship .

That she is still finishing up with her pervious bookings before she puts pen to paper with the person who literally made her and that the deal might be signed before October this year.

Over years the years,Lydia Jazmine has fallen out with music managers like R.Kampama, Ronnie Mulindwa , and many other after she seemed unsatisfied due to the unfulfilled potential.

But now she has decided to run back to her former manager Bushingtone to help her to fulfill het unfulfilled potential come 2023 as she is set for her ever first concert .

Lydia Jazmine joined the music with a humble start. Performing at night hangouts and other regular events, the singer was spotted by producer Bushington. He introduced the songstress to the Goodlyfe crew who signed her up and she did the backup vocals on the duo’s hit songs, ‘Breath Away’ and ‘Ntunga’.


With a successful first song, ‘You Know’ on which he featured Rabadaba, Lydia Jazmine broke through to the eagerly waiting music fraternity. It was then that Bushington saw the opportunity to become a personal manager to the songstress and together they have been a formidable force until when they split up in 2018

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KY Jamal
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