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“Lwasa,but have you even seen how you look, of course Zahara Totto isn’t your type” –Zahara Totto’s Boyfriend Reuben Robert to Lwasa

Sources claims that Masaka businessman Lwasa Emmanuel and gossip queen Zahara Totto were once undercover lovers,but  the relationship failed at the over her diva demands. Lwasa insists that she was always at his club asking to meet him, but eventually after talking to her, in matter of seconds he realized that she wasn’t his type of woman he desires.

Now Zahara Totto‘s boyfriend Reuben Robert has come out through his socials and attack Lwasa for undermining his lover by saying that Lwasa’s face can’t attract zahara and course he is not Zahara Totto’s type, that he should inbox me   his mobile money number I ask my manager to send for him some money to buy himself mirror and realize how his face looks like.

“Lwasa, but have you even seen how you look – of course

Fieldmashall Entertainer Z Totto

“Isn’t your type”

Inbox your mobile-money number and I’ll ask my manager to send you some-ka-money for you to buy a mirror” –He posted

The tycoon insisted that Zahara Totto tried several times, but she failed to defraud him millions of money, faking many business proposals and when she failed, she embarked on tarnishing his image and wrecking his marriage. He castigated Totto for being the kiss and tell type.

Zahara Totto was among the first people to fuel the relationship between tycoon Lwasa and Tv Personality Dianah Nabtanzi

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