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Lwasa’ s introduction Ceremony with Vanessa Cancelled

Latest information coming in indicating that the introduction ceremony between Masaka City tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa and his new lover Vanessa has been cancelled .

Early reports indicating that Lwasa was set to be introduced by his new lover Vanessa today ( 2,October 2022) at her parents home in Mpambire ,Mpigi.

However ,things did not go as it was planned early after Lwasa’s best man receiving call from Vanessa informing them not to step a foot at her parents home.

Vanessa explained the reason to why her parents stopped Lwasa from introducing their daughter is that is early sentiments he made on Vanessa in his recent interview that he caught Vanessa cheating on him with his driver which annoyed her parents and called off the ceremony.

She further said that her parents informed her to settle their disagreements because they can’t be shamed to eat Lwasa’s thing yet their daughter doesn’t love him.

Vanessa is known in the entertainment circles as a failed dancehall singer who gave music her best shot but failed to make it on the big scene.

She dated Ziza Bafana for some good time and sired a baby with him before hopping onto John Blaq during his prime time but their affair as well ended in premium tears.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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