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Lwasa Emmanuel Lashes out at Weasel Manizo, Brands him ‘ a fool’

Masaka City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has furiously launched an attacked against singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo, labeling him ‘ a fool’.

Lwasa had no calm words for the weasel following the latter’s remarks on him.

While talking to Journalists a few days ago, Weasel said that he and his brother Pallaso have a remedy that can help to stretch Lwasa’s small cassava.
He further advised Lwasa to visit them in Makindye and get treatment.

“Lwasa, we love you a lot, come and we stretch you… Lwasa call me… Lwasa we have the remedy. Uncle Pallaso has it. Come to Makindye, and we shall just stretch a little… If you think we can’t help Lwasa, check Pallaso and see. Pallaso, please come and show them. The only problem is that I heard he doesn’t give out money, he just offers Shs1,000 like his name,” Weasel said to journalist.

Speaking to Spark TV about latter’s remarks on him, bitter Lwasa said that he doesn’t know weasel ,that he only knows Mowzey Radio who used to sing with him under GoodLyfe.

He went on to say that he is a fool and that he won’t even respond to him because he will also look like fool when he respond fool.

“Radio died I knew him… there is a little youthful man that used to help him, is he the one you’re referring to, I don’t know?… I can’t know that one, what do I want him for?… I don’t even know his songs… A senior citizen like me… hehe… and you tell him such things… He is a fool. He is a fool. I won’t even respond to him because when a fool responds to a fool he also becomes a fool… I don’t have to respond to him, he is a young man,” Lwasa bragged.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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