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Loans – Late Pastor Augustine Yiga’s Church To Be Auctioned


Late Pastor Augustine Yiga’s Revival Church ,Kawaala could be auctioned if they doesn’t clear the loans he acquired to start the media Empire totaling to UGX 150M.

It is said that before he passed on ,Pastor Yiga used the land on which the church stands to secure loans to start his personal businesses such as operating his ABC TV and Radio Station .

Reports reaching our website indicating creditor identified as kayinda Ssemakula is currently exploiting a court order to auction late Pastor Yiga’s Revival Church.

The church congregation is under no legal obligation to clear the debt since the institution belonged to the person of Yiga’s estate, who would use the same to solicit for loans without the bother of seeking permission from his followers prior to doing so.

Yet the same doesn’t happen with the mainstream churches where the laity are made part and parcel of key decision makers who, the church leaders can hence fall back on, in case things go wrong.

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Ssemakula obtained a High Court order from Justice Juliet Hatanga, authorizing him to sell off the land on which the Church stands. Kayinda loaned money to the person of Yiga, which is now estimated to have soared to UGX150m.

The land is valued at UGX180m. Ssemakula funds do not include the one he paid to lawyers to pursue the payment via Courts, plus the one which is supposed to be earned by Court Auctioneers.

We shall keep you updated for further info

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