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Lil Pazo Apologizes to Zahara Totto for calling her a Thief and a Prostitute 

Singer Lil Pazo has come and apologies to NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto.
Years back there was a rift between the two,Lil pazzo came out and labeled  Zahara Totto  a thief . Alleging that  amzungy lifted her by the belt after she stole his wallet in some night club.
He added that Totto is bumless thief who has nothing anymore can admire and even involving Totto kids in their rift.
During his recent with NBS TV uncut program , bedridden Lil Pazo apologized to Zahara Totto pledging her to forgive him because he was also set to abuse him.
This comes out after Zahara claimed that Pazo abused her to core and that she cannot feel pity for him despite his worsening condition unless he comes out and apologizes to her publicly .

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