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Liam Voice’s ex- lover Joan Bitterly exposes His Darkest Secrets ,Accuse him of Infidelity

Singer William Zisabusolo alias Liam Voice’s ex- lover, Joan Nantege has come to expose the darkest side of singer , accusing him of Infidelity.

According to MBU .Ug ,Joan Nantege fell in love with Liam Voice since 26th September 2021 and over the years and that they had built a strong bond together .

The two even had plans of walking down the aisle in the future but Liam ‘s ways made her lose every bit of interest in him
Nantege stressed that she got closer to him when she requested to join a music fan’s whatsApp group during her early years while at campus.

” I Shared my number IG but I was never added .Instead a relationship come out of it “,she said
That having been in relationship with Liam for years she noted that she was not the right man of her ,he was cheater and liar who portrays a good image in public but carriers a very bad heart..

“About two months ago I realized something was off.I didn’t tell him though since each time I talked about his women he’d say they’re friends and I just don’t want him to have friends “,Joan stressed.

She however, applauded him for not being a violent man but maintains that his heart and intentions are not the best and she blames herself for not reading the signs that always presented themselves very early in the relationship .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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