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Levixone Unhappy with Media For Condemning Gospel Artists

Gospel Musician ,Sam Lucas Lubyogo alias Levixone has expressed discontent with Media especially Christian radio presenter for Condemning gospel artists .

While attending gospel artist conference yesterday ,Levixone furiously attacked christian media for putting gospel music and insulting their songs.

He said that he started his music career when he was still sleeping on streets as street kid with no roof over his head without food to eat like any other person.

He struggled to make it to the music industry and he was fortunate enough. After hitting the studios, his song became a hit and everyone got to know about him hence his career taking off.

Since then, Levixone has never looked back when it comes to singing Gospel. He is different from other gospel musicians because he even competes with secular musicians while on stage performing.

In Uganda, Gospel musicians and their music are always underlooked by the media. They say their music can’t be given airplay on the media like this worldly music because people are not interested.
With Levixone trying to break through the media on that perspective, he has raised his voice for other gospel musicians. He says he is tired of fighting with the media to give gospel music airplay.

According to Levixone, everytime he approaches the media with another gospel artiste, they always shy away telling him the music can’t be played and that annoys him.

He added on that media personalities should stop having an attitude over gospel musicians. This is because the music they sing is as good as secular music. Apparently, it is even better because it carries a strong message that can change lives in a day.

“I am tired of fighting with the media to give gospel music airplay. In fact, there are some media personalities especially those on radio who I have heard trashing gospel music and that annoys me so much. People should know Gospel music is also good music. It is even better than the secular music that they give airplay every day. I want things to change,” Levixone Said.

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KY Jamal
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