Leila Kayondo vows Never to Mention SK Mubga’s Name Again




Following her verbal war towards her ex – lover SK Mbuga,Singer Leila Kayondo has apologized and vowed never to mention SK Mubga’s name again.

It should be remembered that a few day ago,Leila came out and labeled her former lover Mubga a fool and an illiterate who gets attracted to any female who speak foreign language .

She further warned him to stop visiting her apartment and bothering her or else she will expose him.

Through her Instagram live broadcast on Friday evening, Leila Kayondo maintained that whatever she said about her ex-lover was real and she does not regret it because it is the truth.


She revealed that people who say that she shouldn’t have insulted him because he helped her very much do not know what they are talking about because it was a combined effort.

Further added that she was getting a few things off her chest.

“Where I come from, there are so many orphans and he could have helped them. Why did he choose to help me? I was talented and I also contributed so much financially to my own career,” Leila Kayondo said.

She, however, also asked for forgiveness from her family members, friends, and fans who were pressed by her actions before vowing not to go down the same road.

“Out of respect and legacy for my parents, I am not going to talk about that man again. But I deserve to be respected too. I am sorry for those I hurt with what I said. I used bad words. To my family, my friends, my fans, my relatives, I am sorry and I will never speak about that man again, will keep my promise,” Leila Kayondo said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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