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Leila Kayondo Confirms That She is still SK Mbuga’s Close and Best Friend

Singer Leila Kayondo has confirmed that she is still SK Mbuga’s colse and best friend.

It should be remembered a few months back , Leila came out and stated how she hated SK Mbuga for dumping her and hooked up with his new wife Vivian and exposing his dirty liens.

However while appearing for her recent interview ,Leila vomitted her words by confirming that nothing and no one can ever separate her with ex- lover Mbuga
She further discolsed that she had suffered a memory loss after the loss of her mother , father and brother and that during the period she never remembered her ex- boyfriend SK Mbuga.

“Mbuga was my good friend before everything happened and no one in this world can ever separate us or stop me from being his friend. .. We talk and he always tells me Hi Mulongo, you know he calls me Mulongo and i call him Sula.”,she said

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KY Jamal
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