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Leila Kayondo Confirms Chewing Actor John Segawa’s Big Cassava

It was once public rumor that singer Leila Kayondo and actor John Segawa were playing ‘Bedminton’ ,now the Leila have come out to confirm chewing Segawa’s big Cassava .

Reports alleges that singer Leila is now in love with popular actor John Segawa after her bitter breakup with ex-lover SK Mbuga.

During an exclusive interview with a Youtuber, Leila Kayondo revealed that she’s known Segawa for quite long and he’s always been there for her, especially through her toughest times.

When asked to throw more light about her closeness with Segawa, Leila has been frank to reveal how there’s no way she could hesitate moving on with a handsome fellow like him and in case Segawa wants to make some babies with her, its an issue that doesn’t require to first do research and come up with a report.

“Leave my Yokana to be at peace, Its 20 good years while I’m associating with Segawa, he really understands me. I’m humbled to be part of such a handsome fellow’s journey. If Segawa wants a child, we don’t even need to first talk about that,” Leila Kayondo clarified.

Putting aside a photo of the two entertainers while swapping saliva that recently trended on social media, its alleged that Leila and Segawa are currently inseparable as they are always spotted hanging out in city bars as well as the endless vacations at Mulungo Islands.

Segawa who is a ‘ladies man’ once dated two talented actresses and friends; Mariam Ndagire and Ruth Wanyana before they bitterly fell out over Segawa’s pleasure muscle.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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