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Lawyer Male Mabirizi Responds to Pastor Bugingo After Calling Him ‘Mabizzi’

Recently House of prayer Ministries International senior pastor Aloysius Bugingo launched an attack on city lawyer Male Mabirizi and branded him a lousy pig ‘Mbazzi’ who can’t side with his God.

This comes after Mabirizi peeping his nose into Bugingo’s marital relationship with new mistress Suzan Makula.

Bugingo said that Lawyer Male Mabirizi is just like lousy pigs as he always marauding a round while spreading propaganda and that he can’t block his ministerial works.

In response,Male Mabirizi said that Bugingo is free to call him whatever he wants,he has his freedom of speech but he won’t divert him from focusing on the case he filled against him.

Questioning if he changed into lousy pig when he called him ‘Mabizzi’ that he is going to taste how bitter the ‘pig’ is.

“I don’t care whether he calls me “Mabizzi” (big pigs) he’s Free to call me whatever he wants, he has his freedom of speech but that won’t divert me from focusing on the case I filed against him, did I change into a pig when he called me Mabizzi? Iam still a human being and he’s going to taste how bitter the “pig” is “,Male Mabirizi said during his recent interviews.

It must be remembered that its lawyer Mabirizi that rushed Pastor Bugingo to police and courts of law accusing him of marrying a wife in a traditional marriage ceremony while at the same time he is still married to his first wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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