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Late Sheikh Muzaata’s Widow Kuluthum Distances Herself from Rumors of Chewing House Boy (AUDIO)

Ever since the Muslim leader Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte passed on last year in December , a war amongst his family members especially his wives erupted fighting for his property.

However, shocking audio has been leaked implicating Muzaata’s widow Kuluthum Nabunya having an affair with house boy.


One of the leaders of Kibuli Muslim faction known as Sheikh Umar Sadiq Ndawula said that Muzaata and Kuluthum had separated long time before the Muslim cleric died after she had exhibited misbehaviour in their marriage.

Sheikh Umar also noted that Kuluthum is not deserving of anything from Muzaata’s estate because of her inappropriate character.

He further revealed that he had an audio conversation between Kuluthum and shamba boy identified as Umar Kabundu which proved that the two had an affair behind Muzaata’s back.

” I have some audio evidence where the shamba boy is reminding Kuluthum that she had left her scarf at his place and she responds that it should stay there until she goes there next time to pick it,” he said.

“And this very Kuluthum is the one now being led to Muzaata’s house by Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi as if she is too knowledgeable about the Islamic faith,” Ndawula added.

According to info, Kuluthum and shamba boy planned that she would exit Muzaata’s home after a small disagreement .

This would be when Kabundu packed Kuluthum’s belongings for her departure so that they would continue their illegal affair outside Muzaata’s home.

However, Kuluthum distanced herself from the allegations explaining that whoever leaked the audio is aiming at defaming her.



Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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