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Late Sheikh Muzaata’s Family Fails To Agree on His Heir

Late sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte woes takes new twist as Family fails to agree on his hire.

Muzaata breathed his last year in 2020 after being hospitalized at International Hospital Kampala where he battled undisclosed sickness.

Over the weekend family held duwa for him and Kuluthum’s son Anwar was named Muzaata’s hire which many rejected.

Anwar was rejected on point that he was named secretly at interests of Kuluthum’s not according to late’s will.

Kulthum claims that while Muzaata was still alive, he told her Anwar would succeed him. She added that her late husband instructed her to dress Anwar in his (Muzaata’s) tunic and wrap the green scarf he often had around the boy’s neck, as opposed to the traditional barkcloth.

The family, headed by sheikh Farouk Muzaata, revealed that the late Muzaata left behind a Will, indicating that Amjad, who is currently in America, was the rightful heir. The late Muzaata was the heir of his father, Ali Ssebbaale. When Muzaata died, his relatives agreed that Farouk should take up his responsibilities in the family.

Others sources revealed that other widows rejected him claiming that they do not know him well as among Muzaata’s kids.

We shall keep you posted about any new developments

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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