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Lady Mariam Tindatine Denies Rumor that she is broke and struggling


Song bird Lady Mariam Nasuuna alias Tindatine has refuted rumors that she is broke and struggling.

Known for her 2004 hit song Tindatine, one of Western Uganda’s finest singers from back in the days

Having not released a big song for a long while, Lady Mariam is also rarely seen performing at concerts around town.

Her disappearance from the social scene has left several of her fans and critics questioning is she is doing well.

Recently, it was alleged that she was shocking after her sister identified Swabrah dragged her to police over a Ugx7m debt.

For years, since the collapse of the Bryan White Foundation, Mariam Kemigisha has been rumored to be struggling financially.

During a recent interview, Lady Mariam, said that she is doing fine and also asked people to stop talking ill about her because she has never asked help from anyone.

“What do they want? Do they want to hold a car wash fundraiser for me? Have I ever knocked at anyone’s door asking for help?

Have I ever called you and told you I’m lacking food? Stop talking trash about me!”,she said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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