Home Entertainment “Kuluthum Nabunya Is Disgrace to Islam”- Full Figure

“Kuluthum Nabunya Is Disgrace to Islam”- Full Figure


Former Presidential Advisor on Youth affairs,Jeniffer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has come out to attack late Nuhu Muzaata’s widow Kuluthum Nabunya after getting married another man,Akram Gumisiriza.

Apparently ,Kuluthum got married to Akram a few days ago ,which is a year after Muzaata’s death something that brought mixed feelings among social media revellers.

During her recent with with one of local TV channel,Full Figure Said that Kuluthum has shamed Islam and respect of late Sheik Muzaata he had in public .
Full Figure claims that it is okay for Kuluthum to get married to another man but she would have done it privately without camera to respect dignity of late Muzaata.

That more allover she stole him from another woman and she is fighting for man with Kadam which is disgrace.

Ever since sheik Muzaata’s death,Kulthum’s love life has been a huge discussion both in the main stream and social media particularly because of the people she has chosen to date

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