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Kulthum Nabunya’s New Lover Akram Denies Stealing Tasha’s Money

Dr .Kulthum Nabunya’s new lover Akram Gumisiriza has denied stealing money from his alleged South African based girlfriend Tasha.

In Telephone interview over yesterday with one of local TV channels , Akram denied any knoweledge of who is Tasha .He is further said that the 20 million he accused of stealing that he used to organise¬† his ‘ Kukyala’ ceremony with Kulthum was not even half of the amount he injected in their ceremony.

“I don’t know the Tasha you’re asking me about ,and do you think 20 million sort Kulthum as you see her”,Akram said.

This follows a trending social media video of Akram’s South African based Ugandan girlfriend faulting foul play of her lover for stealing from her over shs 20 Million which thereafter facilitated his secret ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

It is said that Akram managed to manipulate Tasha and stole from her over shs 20 million which he used to facilitate his ‘kukyala’ ceremony with the widow of the late Nuhu Muzaata Batte.

Tasha claims that Akram fled South Africa after chewing their rent money and that she was thrown out the house by their landlord.

Tasha cried out to relevant authorities to help her and force Akram and Kuluthum to refund her 20 millions.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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