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Kulthum Nabunya ‘s New Lover Claimed by Another Woman


Late sheik Muzaata’s widow Kulthum Nabunya ‘s new lover is being claimed by another woman based in South Africa identified as Tasha.

Recently Kulthum introduced new man by names of Akram in private ceremony at her parents home.

Tasha claims that Akram was his lover though he foul played her and stole 20 Millions from her which in turn facilitated his private Kukyala ceremony with Kulthum.

That Akram fled South Africa after chewing their rent money and that Tasha was even thrown out of the house by their landlord after failing clear rent dues.

Tasha emotionally pleads to Akram and Kulthum to refund her 20 millions so that she can clear her rent dues .

“Akram has been my boyfriend, my man and we have been living together in South Africa. What disappointed me most is to learn that he had stole from me so as to get introduced to another woman, Kulthum Nabunya. All I want is my money back caz I’ve been even thrown out of my rental in South Africa since he chewed the rent money,” Tasha emotionally explained.

We shall keep you updated for new developments.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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