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Kojja Kitonsa Speaks Out About Chewing Grace Khan’s Sumbie

Renown city herbalist and bedroom expert ,Kojja Kitonsa has come out and opened up about rumors of him chewing singer Grace Khan.

It should be recalled that before Grace hooked up with Kojja Kitonsa ,she had bitterly Split with fellow singer Jovan Luzinda over issues that remained known to themselves.

Kojja Kitonsa and Grace Khan were rumored to be dating after the later organized huge birthday party huge birthday for Kitonsa and confessed that she was deep in love with him which raised eyebrows who had thought that he was just manager to her.However ,Kitonsa dumped Grace Khan and opted for greener pastures and peace and love in Sumayya whom he introduced later .

From there the rumor started making rounds on social media that Kojja Kitonsa was chewing Grace Khan’s Sumbie secretly.

Kojja Kitonsa has come out and disclosed that he has never chewed Grace Khan,that she was just friend and nothing beyond.

He further he said he is married man and only count one woman in his life whom he officially involved with and has kids with .

“I have never dated Grace Khan and she knows her position in my life that she is just a friend. Nothing is beyond that because I am a married man. I only count the women I am officially involved with. Grace Khan has a child and I don’t know her father, she has never told me anything about it and I respect it,” he said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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