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Kojja Kitonsa Reveals why He Didn’t Attend Grace Khan’s Father Burial

Former Grace Khan Manager who also dubbed as her lover ,Kojja Kitonsa has shared his side of the story on why he didn’t attend his latter’s father’s burial.

Early this year ,Grace Khan announced the loss of her biological father ,however handful of celebrities ,fellow artists escorted her to burial her father to his ancestral home and among the key figure who didn’t attend was her former manager and ex – lover Kojja Kitonsa .

While explaining to Spark TV on why he didn’t attend ,Kitonsa noted that the fault was not his but for Grace Khan who didn’t invite him ,that there was no way he would have drove to place where he wasn’t needed or visited as a person.

He went on to elaborate that he will also not put more blame to Grace that usually people forgets to tell others when there are in pain.

But he further advised Grace Khan to grow up and take some responsibilities and to act to herself as Ssenga ,Father ,Uncle because she has now grown up.

“Yes, my fans didn’t see me at Grace Khan’s father’s burial because I wasn’t invited there. I don’t know how people wanted me to go yet Grace herself didn’t give me a phone call to tell me she had lost a father. I can’t go where I am not wanted,” Kojja Kitonsa said

It should be remembered that these two had an affair in 2019. However, it ended in tears and Kitonsa went back to his former baby mama and also Grace Khan pushed on

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