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King Saha Breaks Silence on His Health Condition

Singer Mansour Ssemanda alias King Saha , has broken silence after he was admitted in hospital a few weeks back ,after his health deteriorated.
His health condition sparked a debate recently on the internet after he shared his photos while on sickbed.

Most people attributed his sickness to exclusive use of drugs / intoxicated substances while others said it was natural sickness.

However ,later his breathed a sign of relief after the singer was discharged from hospital a few days ago.

King Saha over reappeared to the public yesterday as he addresses a number of issues including his health condition during his recent interview with one of local TV Station .

He refuted the ongoing  allegations that exclusive us of drugs took him sick bed almost to his grave yard as he attributed his sickness to fatigue .

He went on to say that he has been overing working from months to months to without giving himself ample time to rest as he advised fellow artists to find ample time to rest.

Saha further addressed Bebe Cool’s ridicule of his song, Zakayo, in the Bebe Cool list address.

On the list, Bebe Cool notes that Zakayo’s popularity last year was shouldered on the fact that it was a cheap attack on his persona.

Saha notes he disrespected Bebe Cool in the song because he is weak.

Saha argues that Bebe Cool’s stardom is not potent, as he cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Chameleone.

“Does that one have the influence Chameleone has?” he asks.

Saha further emphasizes that he has since forgiven Bebe Cool, as if he had not, he would have assaulted him.

He further told the press that he does not consider his stand off with Bebe Cool as beef since he considers him to be a fool.

In a scathing ridicule, he noted that the only reason the media perceives beef is that Bebe Cool is the one that provokes him.

He however notes that if Bebe Cool does not provoke him, neither will he since this year, 2023, is still in its Genesis.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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