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Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi Arrested By Police For Sharing Unauthorized Show Dubbed “Wife Material”

Kenyan Celebrated stand- up comedian Eric Omondi have  been arrested today afternoon by Kenyan Film classification Board (KFCB) Compliance officers and police  sharing unauthorized show dubbed  “Wife Material “ on his social media pages.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua confirmed the arrest. He stated that the comedian had violated provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act by producing and distributing unauthorized films.

“Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya states that no person shall exhibit any film at an exhibition to which the public are admitted or distribute such film unless he is registered as an exhibitor or distributor by the Board and issued with a certificate,”- Mutua’s statement.

The arrest comes days after the comedian unveiled season two of the ‘Wife Material’ contestants. The show has brought together contestants from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Uganda is being represented by; Naditor, Diana Birungi, Raphaela Sibella Nsiimire, and Sumaiyah while Tanzania has singer Gigy Mama, Suzan Faustine, Kyler Heyman, and Bertha. Kenya is represented by   Sherlyne Anyango, DJ Coco, and Manzi wa Kibera.

In one scene of the show, two contestants were involved in a physical fight at a city club yesterday.

In another scene, Omondi is seen boarding a helicopter with one contestant and continues to kiss her for minutes.

In the video clip which the comedian shared on social media, contestants from Tanzania lead by singer Gigy Money and Sumaiyah are seen throwing things around and fighting Kyler Jeycman who was seated next to him to an extent of forcing police officers and stewards who were providing security at the club to intervene.

The contestants have also been captured sharing not so pleasant words.

Last year, Mutua alleged that Omondi’s studios in Lavington, Nairobi, were nothing but brothels where young girls were being taken advantage of.

He went further to call the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to move in swiftly and arrest all the parties involved in the ‘criminal’ activities.

“So there’s Corona but this ** has been kissing multiple girls and recording these videos in the name of comedy. Another morally bankrupt socialite is recording more videos teaching these young girls how to have sex with Omondi in the devilish mentorship program known as “Mombasa Raha” (sic),” he wrote on his Facebook page.




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KY Jamal
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