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Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga Defends Nsenene Hawker Arrested at Entebbe Airport


Two people Mubiru Paul and Kiggundu Hajib were arrested for causing disruptions on the Uganda Airlines flight. The duo have been charged with the offence of being common nuisances, refusal to follow instructions by the cabin crew and Negligent acts that could have led to the spread of COVID- 19.

According to Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, Mubiru had been permitted to carry the grasshoppers as hand luggage but he instead abused this by illegally vending them on the plane. While Kiggundu recorded what transpired.

The incident happened on November 26, on flight no. 446 to Dubai from Entebbe. In the video, passengers were seen surrounding the grasshoppers hawker to purchase the local delicacy (nsenene) with many seemingly unbothered with the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures.

In a statement released on Saturday, November 27, Uganda Airlines condemned the incident it says was disruptive and promised to add Nsenene on their menu.

However, Katikiro of Buganda, Charles Mayiga defended the hawkers through his socila media platforms.

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” I fail to understand the fuss about Paul Mubiru vending nseenene on a Uganda Airlines flight to Dubai. All airlines vend lots of things in-flight. I have witnessed passengers doing forex exchange transactions on board many times. It’s common to see passengers carry their own food onto the plane – which is cleared by the ground crew. Travelers on buses always vend food and other items. If the carrier disapproves of vending they should simply state so – otherwise those who bought the insects appreciate their taste. Mubiru could be adept at salesmanship. No need to stir up a storm in a tea cup. CPM “- he wrote.

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