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Kasuku Narrates a Story of how he Chewed Pastor Bugembe Daughter’s Sumbie


As a young man, radio personality, Isaac Katende commonly known as Kasuku seems to have been alot more ‘dangerous’ than he is now.

This is after he shocked his fans with a story of how he used and dumped a staunch born again lady from Pr. Wilson Bugembe’s church eight years ago

Kasuku, who recently revealed that he is engaged to a juicy babe revealed how he met a pious born again lady from Bugembe’s church

His ambition being to ‘break’ born again girls, he approached her and the two ended up in a bar where they drank till their stomachs couldn’t stomach it anymore.

The born again lady, whom Kasuku refused to name got even more excited. He was quick to make use of his chance and was able to access the promised land.

He however left her after the incident for reasons best known to himself.

“I met this devotee at Pastor Bugembe’s church. It was 8 years ago and as a young man, I wanted to “break” a born again girl. So I took her to a bar and she got so excited after seeing people drinking.”

“She asked for a non-alcoholic drink and I gave her Smirnoff. She wanted to go there almost everyday but after doing whatever we did I left her.” Kasuku told Pastor Ssempa on YouTube.

Kasuku was discussing the issue of indoctrination with Pastor Ssempa. According to him, born again pastors must stop imposing their own beliefs on followers.

Pastor Ssempa however was displeased that Kasuku would relish his actions and cautioned him against tempting young girls into the wrong paths again.

Kasuku however maintained that the whole incident was eight years ago. He says his life changed for the better

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