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Karole Kasita Opens Up About Her Leaked Audio with Feffe Busi

Singer Karole Kasita has come out and opened up about her leaked audio with Feffe Busi which was filled with love and Romance.

This came after audio of a lady sounding just like Karole Kasita who seems to be madly in love is heard calling Feffe Busi ‘ Babe’ all the time in conversations.

Asking Feffe if she should come and sleep over at his place which Feffe was okay with it.

However, Karole has come out and refutes the rumors claiming that there are so many people who sound like her and mentioning of the name Pallaso in the audio doesn’t mean that it ‘s her because artists work with different people from designers,writers among others.

Perviously, Karole was alleged to be having chemistry with audio producer Daddy Andre but he trashed allegations saying that they just workmates.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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