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Kalifah Aganaga Dares A Pass to Face Him in Live Music Battle

Singer Sadat Mukiibi alias Kalifah Aganaga has dared his fellow singer A Pass to face off with him in a live music battle .

While appearing on Spark TV ” MwasuzeMutya” program, today who is no stranger to courting controversy ,took a subtle dig at fellow singer APass , claiming that APass is good musician like him but not better than him .

He went on to say that if he wants to prove is words let them go for music battle and the fans decide who is better .

“A Pass is a good musician like me but may be not better than me and if he wants to prove this then i task him to a music battle and the fans will decide “, Kalifah Aganaga said.

Aganaga further branded himself Jose Chameleon of this generation.

“I am the Jose Chameleone of this generation. By the time I came to fame, the young artists were not valued because only the” big 3 musicians “of Bebecool, Chameleone, and Bobwine got the awards and endorsements but people believed in me as a young artist “, Kalifah Aganaga he added

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KY Jamal
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