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Kabuleta Attacks KCCA over Hidden Agenda of kicking Boda bodas out of Kampala


The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) president Joseph Kabuleta Kizza has lashed out to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Ministry of Works and Transport over their agenda of kicking boda boda cyclists out of Kampala capital city.

The former presidential candidate expressed his concern while addressing journalists during NEEDs weekly press conference held at the political movements headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

According to Kabuleta, the management of KCCA has failed to execute its major roles like working on city roads which are full of potholes but its busy concentrating on boda bodas which are the least of its problems.

KCCA please stop behaving as if Kampala is a very big and World class city, like its so clean, that boda boda riders are the ones making it dirty. Your city is not good. Potholes are all over, you have failed to work on the roads but you behave as if boda bodas are the biggest problem of Kampala, Kabuleta told journalists.

He further noted that by subjecting them to compulsory mental tests and harsh working conditions, KCCA wants to completely do away with boda bodas from the city centre while pretending that they are streamlining the business in order to create sanity in Kampala.

I want to tell you that most people who are in Boda bodas where first chased from their initial jobs.

Those people had their own jobs elsewhere but government curtailed them so they were left with no choice apart from joining the boda boda business, he added.

Kabuletas remarks come shortly after the government introduced a move to regulate the boda boda business in Kampala.

The State Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, Kabuye Kyofatogabye said early this year that all boda boda riders operating in Kampala and the Metropolitan were required to register through the systems that shall be put in place by Resident City Commissioners, their Deputies, Resident District commissioners and Municipal leaders.

While addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre, Kabuye said that riders shall be identified by their stages to be gazetted by council authorities, and Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA for the case of Kampala.

It should be noted that in July 2020, KCCA published a list of 579 stages and the cabinet had approved for boda bodas in the five divisions of Kampala. Rubaga division was allocated 179 stages, Nakawa 146, Makindye 136, Kawempe 89 and Central division 32 stages and all riders shall be given uniforms depending on their division operation.

Minister Kyofatogabye noted that only registered boda boda riders shall be allowed to operate in Kampala. Any unregistered rider who comes into Kampala risks being arrested.

The Ministry of Works and Transport in partnership with KCCA and the police in March 2022 also embarked on training boda boda riders in traffic laws and according to the ministry, the training is aimed at curbing road accidents in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

The ministry of Works and Transport revealed that the was to be focused on Highway Code of conduct, road traffic signs, hazard perception and positive attitude, among others and about 120,000 will undergo a six month training.

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