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Kabako Bitterly Attacks Bebe Cool Over King Saha’s Weed while Supporting Cindy for UMA

Singer Ssenabulya Yusuf aka Roden Y Kabako has attacked Bebe Cool over his comments on King Saha While supporting Cindy Sanyu for UMA Presidency.

It should be remembered while addressing Journalists over Week to why he support Cindy over King Saha for UMA Presidency said that Cindy can easily express herself and can speak English for staters which Saha can’t do.

Adding that Saha is drug addict a thing which tarnish the industry that they can’t be ruled by someone who takes weed and can never be role model to young generation.

Angry Kabako has equally attacked Bebe Cool claiming that what is saying about Saha not true ,revealing that Saha is two degree holder in business.
Questioning Bebe Cool to why he first tarnished Cindy when she stood up for the post saying that she has no qualities and she is selfish ,why this time makes U- turn to support her if he has no hidden ambitions tellingĀ  him to respect women.

Kabako ranted Saha is God chosen to be leader and no one can stop him that he is just waiting to swear in as UMA president .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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