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Julie Mutesasira Goes Bare Knuckle With Suzan Makula

Gospel Musician turned Gay activist ,Canada base Julie Mutesasira has gone bare knuckles with Pastor Bugingo’s lover Suzan Makula.

Julie Mutesasira decided to attack and spill Suzan Makula’s secrets after latter called her fool because of her sexual orientation in video that went viral .


Through her socials ,Julie Birungi she denied Makula being one of her former friends though admitted that the latter helped her to push her music on Salt media .

She also pointed out the hypocrisy in Makula for looking at her as a sinner because she is a lesbian yet she was also cohabiting with a married man .

“I didn’t know she was ” cohabiting ” with a married man.Just she didn’t know my sexuality .Yes true I knew her but we were not friends”she wrote .

She further denied allegations of recruiting other Ugandans into gay community as it was alleged by Suzan.

“Wabula Suzan makula ndi musilu nyabo😂😂 olimba Mukwano . I WONT SAY A WORD and by the way you got the name wrong it’s not Julie Mutesasira. AND AM NOT LOOKING FOR SUPPORT ST ANY POINT NEITHER AM I RECRUTING ANYBODY AS YOU THINK. This is my life and will always be my life. Preach Jesus, his love, faithfulness that’s all,” Julie Mutesasira added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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