“Juliana Kanyomozi Doesn’t Deserve the Support She’s Getting From Fellow Artists,She Never Supports Them” – DJ Nirmod




Galaxy FM’s radio presenter ,Nabeeta Nimrod aka DJ Nirmod has come out claiming that Singer Juliana Kanyomozi doesn’t deserve the support she’s getting from fellow artists because she has never supported them.

His comments comes just few days to Juliana’s concert at Serena Hotel and many local musicians have been showing love by posting and making revellers well updated about her coming boundless concert.

This according to the Nirmod is a sign of unfairness since Juliana who he believes is overrated has on several occasions failed to post and advertise fellow musicians concerts apart from Swangz’ Azawi successful show.

Nimrod has henceforth rallied patiers to be no where but fill up Freedom City Namasuba to support the B2C (Kampala boys)

“Naye This Music Industry can be funny and unpredictable. The way Ugandan Musicians are posting about Juliana’s Show and yet she NEVER posts any of your shows!!

She only posted Azawi’s coz Swangz is doing her show. I love an industry where we support each other or where we support those who support us. Yagala Akwagala!!! She doesn’t deserve the support she doesn’t give. Periodttt.

B2C ENT UG (Kampala Boyz) this Friday.”- DJ Nimrod said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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