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Judith Heard Attacks Nakyeyombekedde Sheebah Over Flavia – Kabuura Cheating Comments.

Reknown super model, Judith Allen Heard has blasted singer Sheebah Karungi saying she knows nothing about marriage.

Sheebah was one of the many prominent celebrities to come out and sympathize with Flavia Tumusiime after her husband, Andrew Kabuura cheated on her.

Sheebah pitied Flavia saying that she understands what she is currently going through and advised fans to stop bashing Flavia and instead direct their venom to the culprit, Kabuura

However, Sheebah’s post did not have it’s desired effect as many roasted her saying she has no moral authority to talk marriage especially when she herself detests it.


Judith Heard took to social media to express similar views. She explained to the TNS star how cheating happens everyday even to hardworking and innocent women.

“Darling, if you get married you will understand that this doesn’t only happen to hard-working or brilliant people, it happens every day and to any human being but it’s how we handle the matter that’s important,” she posted on social media.

Heard, who herself was once married in 2003 and had three beautiful kids long gave up on marriage after divorcing her husband, Richard Heard in 2014.

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Khina Murah
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