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Jose Chameleone Hits Hard At NUP’s Cyber Harassments


Following continued Cyber  attacks on singer Jose Chameleone by  the National Unity Platform (  NUP) supporters, Chameleone has broken silence and vented his frustration towards them.

Ever sice he was gifted a car by president’s Museveni young brother,he alleges that he has been getting threats via his socials from National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters .

While performing at Muhoozi’s birthday on weekend at Lugogo,Chameleone revealed that NUP supporters have been threatening him to never to step his feet in South Africa for performance if he continues to be side with ruling government.
However ,the singer had no kind words for them as he vowed to face off with them because he is big brand and that he make his own decisions not fans decisions.

Claiming that why people mix politics with music .
I’m here to sing because of my friend Toyota. You all remember he gave me a Range Rover. Some of you were not happy. But I don’t care. I am here to sing because of Muhoozi. Tonyumiza Kamwokya Tumbavu! I make my choices. Some of you want to make decisions for me. I won’t accept that,” he said.

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Adding that some people said that he won’t sing in South Africa or any other places if he performances at Muhoozi’s birthday, revealing that no one can bully him. Saying that he will perform wherever he wants.

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